• Rock n Roll Airshow Man


    Get ready for a different kind of performance as Will Allen, the “Rock n Roll Airshow Man”, puts on a show that is a combination aerial display and rock concert! Using state of the art broadcasting equipment, Will is able to sing and announce live from the airplane in a way never done before. Rock n Roll Pits with smoke
    Flying to his custom-written soundtrack, he sings and interacts with the crowd, giving the feel of a lead singer getting the fans on their feet at a concert. The music was arranged and recorded in Will’s home recording studio with the help of his many professional musician friends- even including a full horn section, which gives the rock music an energy and power that compliments the maneuvers of the Rock n Roll Pitts. Our team on the ground, controlling our specialized equipment,  adapts music cues dynamically, taking real-time direction from Will, which makes the music sound like a live band.  Audience members will want to be up front and by the speakers for this show so they can get up and cheer when the Rock n Roll crew launch T-shirts into the crowd!

    “Your rousing rendition of the National Anthem was very moving and much appreciated by the crowd. We were even more impressed with your “Rock n Roll Airshow Man show. The icing on the cake was when you timed your show to perfectly coordinate with your race with the jet truck. Outstanding!”
    – Mountain Madness Airshow 2015

    The National Anthem Air Show


    Will still offers a great opening act or teaser for your airshow, in addition to his more high energy act. Will sings the national anthem live from the cockpit of his bi-plane while flying aerobatics or circling jumpers. He broadcasts through a custom, high fidelity wireless system especially designed for his show, which provides outstanding sound quality.

    Flying near Mt RainierWill Allen’s National Anthem Air Show has received numerous accolades from airshow spectators and the press:

    And while attendees had a hard time narrowing down their favorite part of the show, many remained impressed with Allen’s singing. Pendleton resident Paul Bracher may have said it best. “I can’t sing or fly, let alone at the same time,” he said.
    -East Oregonian

    He’ll broadcast to the earth and we’ll just plug his transmission into the mixing board,” Nelson said.
    -Pendleton News

    Not only does Allen defy gravity with his routine, he also adds a bit of showmanship  not usually associated with flying.
    -Tri-Cities Herald


    Photo is the cover shot from World Airshow News, Nov/Dec 2015 edition